Meet the Man Behind


Meet our Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Abish Mohamed.



“Beyond the technology, besides the specialists. There is magic of a Visionary.”

Mr. Abish Mohamed is a dynamic and prolific visionary entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly towards the progress of business and people alike. He has an inherent passion for excellence in creativity and operations. Under the leadership of Mr.Abish, Amstergi Holdings has established itself as one of the most reputed business houses globally.

Throughout this growth, he has endeavoured to perpetually drive the market, not be driven by it. His guiding principle is, ‘change the market before it changes you’. As per him, there are a few things that will, ‘God willing’ not change – namely our passion for client service, our commitment to ultimate quality and our concern for the society in which we operate.

“Your ideas become our solution!”